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Upcoming Events

Thursday, December 14th – December Mastermind Event

6:30pm – 8:45pm

Business Lessons of 2017

We always like to close out the year reflecting on the bigger picture and combining a high level look at the recent year with a look into the near future – and what needs to get done.

Our December discussion will be focused around some of the biggest business lessons we have all learned in 2017 and how we can apply that new education towards a super successful 2018.

We will be discussing what we have learned about:

  • How to Effectively Leverage Other People’s Time to Increase Focus
  • How to Get More Out of Each Day (with less personal time required)
  • Strategies to Adapt to a Changing Business Environment
  • Online Marketing and Efficiently Growing Awareness of Our Businesses
  • And More…

We look forward to seeing you there!

* Important Note:  You must RSVP for this meeting. If you are not currently a registered Collaborate member please phone 403.980.2667 to discuss eligibility for your business and to RSVP.
Thank you!


Upcoming Events in 2018

  • Tuesday, January 30th

  • Tuesday, February 27th

  • Wednesday, March 28th

  • Tuesday, April 24th

  • Wednesday, May 30th

  • Tuesday, June 26th

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