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Kerry Oxford – Oxford Inspections

Nelson Liem – eXmerce

Karen Blomquist – Axiom Mortgage

“I have been a part of COLLABORATE since 2014 when I started WPI Renovations and have met some key businesses that I now do many projects with. I have also grown leaps and bounds with COLLABORATE through the ideas that have came up around the table during meetings. The most impactful being the recommendation to take deposits to ensure cash flow didn’t restrict my businesses growth. In the time I have been apart of the group I have worked with many other members and have done well over $150,000 worth of business with the majority coming through referrals from a strong relationship I have built with a Commercial draftsman in the group. I would recommend this group to any small to mid sized business that is looking for great collaboration of business growth ideas and creating relationships with other strong businesses.”

Scott Werenka – WPI Renovations

“I have been attending COLLABORATE meetings since joining one of the original small groups in Calgary. Things have evolved over the years and I find that I always come away from each meeting with at least one significant contact or new information about how to grow my business. The meetings offer many opportunities to discuss your business in a variety of settings. I have found Collaborate to be an affordable and effective way to build my business and contacts.”

Darrell Sarafinchan – Screen Experts and Aeroseal Duct Sealing

“Our company has learned some excellent strategies for growing our business since joining COLLABORATE. Based on conversations with other members about marketing and lead generation, we were introduced to the concept of contracting our telemarketing and spending more of our time focused on warm prospects – instead of cold calling ourselves. We have been in business for several years and as we have become busier with clients and contracts our time for prospecting has shrunk – even though it’s a critical part to growing our business.

The COLLABORATE meetings that we have attended have introduced us to a large number of new contacts for our business as well as sparking several great ideas for making our business more efficient and more profitable. We would definitely recommend COLLABORATE to any small business owners interested in taking their business to a new level.”

Al Ross – Rocky Mountain Benefits

“I starting attending COLLABORATE networking events last spring and have been thoroughly impressed with how well run the evenings are.

I have also been impressed with the caliber of business owners who attend. This high caliber has resulted in wonderful discussions around the table on various business building topics such as customer acquisition, online marketing and brand awareness.

My wife and I decided to become members because we value the interactions and focus on building lasting relationships not just exchanging business cards.

We look forward to the monthly meeting and are excited about being a part of a great Calgary business movement.”

Willis Langford – Langford Financial

“COLLABORATE is a great business networking group as it presents real opportunities to network and build relationships with Calgary business owners who are passionate and eager to grow their business. The first time I attended a COLLABORATE event, I was impressed with the large turn out and round table discussion.

The round table discussion was unique in that other business owners provided you with their input of how you could solve a specific challenge. I’ve had a positive experience with Collaborate since being a member and I would highly recommend COLLABORATE to any business owner that’s looking to join a business networking group. The meetings are powerful and impactful from both a networking and education standpoint.

It’s excellent value and well worth your time! The organizers truly care about helping business owners succeed, and I feel that’s what COLLABORATE is all about.”

Nelson Liem – Founder & President, eXmerce Barter Inc.

What a refreshing change from the other ineffective lead pushing networking groups I have been a member of in the past. COLLABORATE gives members an opportunity to really get to know the other members and their businesses. A great group of people, with lively monthly meetings. I highly recommend COLLABORATE if you want to meet compelling, interesting business owners. Lots of information is exchanged along with lots of laughs.”

Wanda Murch – The Murch Group Inc.

“I would like to share my experience with COLLABORATE. Everything we do and are involved with is simply all about people and relationships. Therefore I’m always out there networking and attending different events. And over last at least 10 years I have seen lots……

I can say that I found COLLABORATE to be the best type of networking event I attended. I became a member after the first meeting and referred others because I know they will greatly benefit from it.

Meetings start exactly on time and end up exactly on time – but nobody is leaving… The discussed topics are to the point and beneficial to any business owner. I also like that the meetings are not too frequent and very easy to make time for it from the busy schedule we all have.

People attending are very open minded, easy to connect with, easy to refer to and get referrals from.  The organizers are doing excellent job with COLLABORATE, I’m very happy I became part of this group.”

Milan Choulik –

“I have attended COLLABORATE meetings right from the start and have found them to be a great way to meet other small business owners. The organizers see to it that there are always thought provoking discussions around current business trends, interests and challenges. I have several valuable contacts in my database as a result of my involvement in COLLABORATE.”

Heinz Zurcher – Calgary Blinds & Shutters

“The COLLABORATE events have always been very enjoyable and I have met some great clients through the group. I’m looking forward to seeing what the group has in store for the coming year.”

Jana Miko – Miko Photography

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