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Mastermind Networking is a unique combination of a brainstorming mastermind group and a networking group – creating an effective and efficient community where you can get great ideas and meet excellent contacts – all in one place!

Collaborate events provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and have intelligent business focused conversations with other business owners.  With a focus on creating a comfortable environment for these conversations – business owners are able to exchange valuable experience with one another – enabling everyone to move forward more effectively.


Most networking groups are set up almost exactly the same as one another.  The focus is completely about referrals – and there is often pressure to provide a “quota” of leads on a regular basis.

At Collaborate we believe the only reason you should give a referral is because you 100% believe it will be a good fit for both parties.

As soon as there is a requirement or pressure for referrals and “leads” – quality can become questionable very quickly.  For example, have you ever been involved in a referral group with someone you wouldn’t even refer to your worst enemy?  Yet because they are part of your group it’s your “obligation” to support this person.  It simply isn’t a good model for quality introductions and referrals.

In addition to not forcing referrals or pressuring our members to make introductions – we focus on the bigger picture of running a business.

Collaborate meetings are all about exchanging ideas and leveraging each other’s experience for the sake of the greater good.  We don’t have member presentations – we have group discussions about business issues.  

So regardless of your industry – there is always value to attending our events.


Collaborate meetings are designed to be focused, effective and efficient.  We have a specific business topic each month – and we provide a structured environment where everyone can participate in group conversations about the topic.  Meetings are designed to ensure everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the conversation – and we have even designed a comfortable platform to share business challenges and gain input from other members.

Regardless of the topic – and regardless of your industry – anyone attending a Collaborate event with an open mind will leave with new ideas and new business relationships.

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