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Collaborate Mastermind Networking is a Calgary based organization focused on the successful development of small business owners. The founders of Collaborate are  business owners themselves and understand the value of strong relationships and good connections.

After years of attending networking events hosted by various organizations, the founders of Collaborate saw an opportunity to create something new – something different – to add value to the small business community. Combining some of our favorite parts of each group, we have developed a unique system for not only networking with other businesses, but equally as important – ensuring that every time you attend an event you leave with something of value.

For most networking groups (not including Collaborate), the structure of the meetings are fairly consistent. Each member gives an introduction about their business and then a group member puts on a presentation further explaining their business to the group. The idea makes sense in theory, as it provides further opportunities to understand other member’s offerings. BUT, have you ever attended one of these meetings and left afterwards (without any referrals) asking yourself “Why do I keep coming to these meetings?” Well we have – and we’ve had enough of it!

One of the big problems with this type of networking is that it’s based entirely on getting results IF you get referrals. But what if you don’t get any referrals?

Have you ever attended the same networking group for weeks, months or even years without getting much out of it? 

We used to – but no more!


Collaborate offers a completely different approach to small business networking. Rather than only benefiting from referrals, you will also benefit from structured conversation and discussions about important small business topics. Everything from marketing ideas, hiring and retaining employees, tax planning, social media and more will be covered every single month, so whether or not you leave with referrals you will always leave with value. Having said all of that, we still understand the value of great relationships and networking. So while you’re enjoying a valuable group discussion about small business issues, you will also develop contacts and relationships with other group members. At Collaborate it’s not that we don’t like referrals (who doesn’t love a great referral!) but we feel you can – and should – get more out of a networking group.

If you own a small business and you’re interested in improving your business – not just by making more sales – but actually running a better business – then Collaborate is a great place to start. Every month we will focus on a couple of key topics relevant to running a successful small business. The meetings have a specific agenda and will be controlled for efficiency (and the benefit of all group members) but will also have a key component of group discussions where you can gain from valuable experience the other members have.

For example, have you ever had a hard time finding great employees? Ever had a terrible employee that you couldn’t legally get rid of? Would you like to work less and make more money? How about spending more time with your family and less time putting out fires? Well, guess what? Some of the members in your group have already done it!

Collaborate Mastermind Networking is focused on improving the experience of running a small business. Let’s face it – it isn’t always easy! But rather than try to figure out everything on your own, wouldn’t it be nice to have a solid group of experienced entrepreneurs to help back you up?

Join Collaborate today. You won’t believe what a year can do!

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